Have you ever thought about taking online Yoga classes? I was hesitant at first as I’m used to going to my yoga class and listen to an instructor. And maybe also to glance at the other students and how they are doing with this big toe pose. I know so not yoga to that, but to be honest I’m always relieved if I see somebody else also struggling with these forward bends ;-). But let’s not get side-tracked. As recently, I was approached by Stephanie from My Yoga Online to review their website, which offers, as the name suggests ;-), online yoga courses and decided to give it  a try.

my yoga onlineTo make it short: it’s great. I will not give up my local yoga class, but it helped me a lot to establish an at home yoga morning routine and to practise while travelling. All I need is an internet connection and my tablet and I’m joining David Magone’s Sun salutations and short practice for full spinal mobility for my morning routine and if I want to do more I choose something depending on my mood and how long I want to practice (you can also download videos so you don’t need to be online). My favourite class, especially when travelling as it calms me down, is Yoga for Anxiety.

I do think it’s good to have some yoga experience before doing an online class, or maybe doing a local beginners course parallel while starting with the Beginner Yoga to make sure to get poses and breathing right. But once you know the basics it’s a good way to expand and/or vary your practise. It’s rather unusual to find yoga classes for 1 or 2pm, when toddlers are napping, but this way there is no stress with finding a babysitter or getting to the yoga class on time and finding a place for the stroller or pram, because you press the play button once your little one is sleeping and  …. take a deep breath, close your eyes for a minute and let go of the thoughts humming in your head.

Now, my little girl doesn’t take naps anymore, but there are still times to make life a bit easier. Sometimes when I was planning to go to Yoga in the evening (once my better half is “on duty”) and it was raining and cold outside and nice and snuggling inside, I used to stay home. Shocking, I know, but he! I’m just a tired mom, no superwoman cape in sight. Now, you guessed it, I stay home, but I roll out my yoga mat and usually choose Danielle Mika Nagel’s class for moms, so gentle and grounding.

There are also Pilates, Meditation, pre- and postnatal classes available (which I haven’t tried), as well as several weeks long programs, weekly give aways and interesting articles in the newsletter. If you decide to join, it’s approx. 10USD for more than 1,000 online videos.

If you want to try it first, Yoga My Yoga Online offers you a 2-weeks free trial through the following link: www.myyogaonline.com/m/bloggers !

AND I have one year-long free Premium unlimited membership to give away! Now it’s the perfect time to establish or expand your yoga routine, before the hectic of December starts – and you won’t even need to make a new year’s resolution anymore ;-).

To participate is really simple, all you need to do is to somehow react to this post. Either like it, follow my blog, re-post it or share it (in which case it would be helpful to leave a comment with a link). I will choose one winner at random in a drawing on Friday, 15th November 2013. I will contact the winner after the drawing and Stephanie for the set up. All data provided is strictly for carrying out the give away and will not be used in any other way.

Good luck!

This is a sponsored post, but everything I write is my opinion and I’m only sharing what I think to be use- and helpful.

Update: Congratulations to Kendra! I hope you enjoy your yoga lessons 🙂