24 days of Christmas

I’ve planned a series of little happiness boosters for every day until Christmas: quotes which make me smile, pictures which give me a minute of calm, short stories which make me thankful (and thoughtful) and little helpers and inspiration for Christmas.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Links to the posts in the series will be added here as they go live:

  1. handprint calender
  2. quote: to travel is to live
  3. Christmas printable pack
  4. I can never …
  5. quote: you don’t have to
  6. Children books
  7. Christmas chalkboard printables
  8. quote: Too many people …
  9. Keep calm and …
  10. quote: it’s a good day to …
  11. reduce your to do list
  12. 12 days of Christmas tags
  13. Acceptance
  14. do it your way
  15. printable Christmas tags
  16. quote: life doesn’t have to be …
  17. I was naughty
  18. handmade clay ornaments
  19. holiday thank you cards
  20. Joy to the world
  21. simple ideas to spread holiday cheer
  22. wrapping presents
  23. Dear Santa

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