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If this post wouldn’t be part of my 24 days of Christmas series, it would be titled: do it your way.

I’m sure you’ve seen enough magazine worthy pinterest pins and state of the art decoration by now. I’m always amazed and puzzled at the same time, how much money and effort are put into this master pieces. At the same time there are more and more people advocating for simpler holidays, less stressful and more meaningful. I understand both point of views and that’s why I do Christmas my way, choosing activities which I like to do and which are important to me, while reducing the rest:

  • early December we have one big party at our place, but we don’t attend any invitations;
  • we have Christmas decorations, but only two small boxes, with only two shapes (stars and balls) and in classic green, red and white; this way I’m not tempted to buy into new “in colours”;
  • I refill the same Adventkalender every year, my mum embroidered it when I was a child;
  • I even use the same Christmas books every year to fill the bags for the 1st and 24th of Christmas;
  • in November we design our own Christmas card as jpg and get them printed so we write them early December;
  • my husband and I split the dinner on the 24th: one does entrée and dessert, the other cooks the main course;
  • for six years now we have the same menu on the 25th with tried and tested easy recipes and there is no intention to change it ;-);

It took me same time to figure out what kind of Christmas and holiday season I want, but it’s worth it to think about how YOU want to spend this special time of the year, what add value to your life and what isn’t a priority.

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