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Everybody has their own ideas about Christmas: how to celebrate it, handmade or bought gifts or no gifts at all, big family party or a quite day. Well, usually not only about Christmas, but for a lot of people I know spending Christmas exactly the way they want it is so important that being tolerant of other ideas and ways of celebrating is getting lost.

But isn’t Christmas the best time to do as we preach and accept everyone as she/he is? Including all the strength and assumed weaknesses, crazy thoughts and insane ideas. Especial our children, who may start to have their own ideas about how to spend the festive season or who wishes for the – in your eyes – stupidest and worst present ever.

Early September Sharon wrote a fantastic post about the power of acceptance:

Love them just the way they are. Allow them to be who they were created to be and not try to change them.

I know it can be very difficult. And sometimes I’m also struggling to keep it mind. But this doesn’t mean that I can’t try it again the next day ;-).

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