The countdown for Christmas is definitely ON – two weeks to go! I mean only two more weeks! I start to gasp for air while writing this. So, we have to hurry up: hurry up to get to the shops, hurry up to get out of the 1st shop and get to the 2nd, hurry up to find a present / an ingredient for that one special recipe (where did I put that???) / more or different decoration / a card for the one person I forgot to write to and lots of other things, hurry up to get to the kids Christmas party, hurry up to be on time home to get dinner ready, hurry up to meet a friend at a Christmas market.

Does this sound like fun? Let alone contemplative? Definitely not. And it doesn’t get any better if you carry / drag a child (or several) with you.

I know I say to often hurry up to my daughter. Already if it’s a “normal” day without any special activities. And yet, being “slow”, stopping and looking at EVERY thing (romantically circumscribed as “smelling the roses” 😉 ) and being curious about EVERY thing is one of the privileges about being a child. Or at least it should be.

Check your to do list and delete what ever possible. And then take the time to look at the special decoration in the shop windows, try to find the best roasted sweet chestnuts and the fanciest carousel on the Christmas market with your child. Take it as an excuse (if you need any) to get overboard Christmassy and enjoy as much as you can.

If you have a little bit more time (because your to do list is almost blank 😉 ), read this (summery) post from Rachel about the effects of constantly saying hurry up to your child and why she tries to change it.

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