Christmas! All this stress! The hassle and bustle of crowed stores and public transport and drunken people at the Christmas market and the long list of things to do and buy and prepare and think of. And in all of this “mummy, I don’t want to go now” and “mummy, I’m afraid of Santa” and “mummy, I want these sweets!” and “mummy, this boy took my toy” – well, you get the message.

Taking a deep breath and remain calm isn’t always easy, not matter what time of the year it is, and no parent has an endless reservoir of patience. But, as Kendra wrote in her great post “Rather than admit my own tiredness or limits, I act like their feelings are the problem”.

There are lots of things which get easier by practice. So, take a deep breath and, well pick anything you like: sip a cup of tea, listen to music, cuddle with your child, have a cupcake,…

keep calm and

PS: I would love to visit the bookstore mentioned in the video “The Story of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’” 😉 .

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