I love reading. It stimulates my fantasy, broadens my horizon, makes me laugh and reflect (sometimes even at the same time).  I also love to give books as presents, so it’s no surprise that my daughter owns already a decent number of books, in addition to her library members card.

If you’re looking for some books for Christmas and/or to read with your child in the evening cuddle up on the couch, here are my current favourites:
Can you hear itsomeday is notI’ve read about Can you hear it? at Sharon’s wonderful Rediscovered Families blog. It’s a wonderful book to introduce classical music and paintings to your child and to spend time together talking about the pictures and melodies. Someday is not a day of the week is the newest addition to our home library. Admittingly, especially during the sometimes crazy Christmas season it is difficult to not say “someday, but not today”, but this book is a lovely reminder to live in the present and not adjourn activities together.

giraffes can't dancedogs don't doTwo lovely books about making one’s dream come true and accepting uniqueness are Giraffes can’t dance and Dogs don’t do ballet

christmas dairy of a wombatalphablockI’ve written before about Australian themed books and for the Christmas season you can add Diary of a Christmas wombat, a lovely, very special view of Christmas. If you child is currently learning to read and write then Alphablock is fantastic as thick pages are cut into the shape of each letter! So your child can read and touch the letter, which isn’t only fun, but also helping the learning process.

mapsLast but not least, to match my love for traveling, I recommend Maps: the books has lovely drawings of continents and countries with borders, cities, rivers, and mountains, as well as historical and cultural interest, iconic animals and plants and cultural events. It’s a great way to teach your child about our world and different countries and to discuss where your next family holiday will take place.

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