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Last week I started with some tips for relocating with children, here is part II – let’s continue de-cluttering!

Bath: the perfume which was a gift two years ago and you still don’t like the smell? The sun cream bottle which is almost empty and which will not be used in the next 6 months? The lip stick which isn’t your style anymore? Either give away or bin it. You will have A LOT to pack, and the more de-cluttering you can do upfront, the easier the relocation will be.

Bedroom: de-clutter your wardrobe, and your kids’ clothes (and toys). Either sale it online, at a 2nd hand store or donate it to friends, family and charity. Sometimes it helps to promise the kids that they can choose something new at the new place ;-).

01-23-Stillwater, MN-002Keep: old towels and linen, they will come handy to wrap breakable goods, use when everything else is already packed and as a cover for furniture when you paint your new home.

Living room: those clippings of restaurants you wanted to try? Either do it now, or re-cycling. For the next dinner invitations, start to give your plants as a thank you, if you don’t plan on taking them with you.

Play dates: start to organize play dates for your little one at your place and let the parents know, that in the week of the moving day you’ll ask them to return the favour. I never had anybody saying no to that.

Doctors: if you’re happy with your current dentist, gynaecologist, medical practitioner, pediatrician, …  schedule a last check up in the weeks before you move. That way you don’t have to search for a good dentist first thing in the new city. Also, (if not prohibited by customs) stock up on your tested and trusted pharmaceuticals.

The same is true for your shoe repairman: if you know a good one, get repairs done before you move (schedule in the time it will take until you can collect your shoes again).

Curtains and carpets: I always have them dry cleaned three weeks or so before the move, so they are packed and ready to be used in the new home.

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