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While visiting Vienna recently I found a little shop called Unik.at. Of course there are lots of shops in Vienna, and I’ll mention some of them in one of my next posts, but this one is different: the products on offer are produced by handicapped people, providing them not only with employment, but also with an outlet for creativity. Sales of products which were not produced by handicapped people, but Austrian artists, are invested in new jobs for mentally and physically disabled people. You can find tableware, clothes, jewellery, candle holders, cards and lovely gifts and souvenirs.

Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a charity to support. For my webshop I use data from Deutschen Zentralinstituts für soziale Fragen (German institute for social issues), but I prefer it to have some personal connection or information. Which is the case for example with the children hospice Sternenbrücke near Hamburg, Germany. We’ve been there and know the great (and much needed) work they are doing. Or Rosenblatt und Fabeltiere, a shop in Hamburg with a similar idea like Unik.at. If you need further inspiration, two fellow bloggers recently wrote about charities which are close to their heart: Kendra about the starfish project and  Sharon about Kiva loans.

On a lighter note, if you’re planning to visit Vienna (or Berlin) any time soon, you can still participate in the give away for children travel guides for Vienna and Berlin!