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I’ve written before about how easy it is to buy/give/accumulate toys without really thinking about how many toys children need at Courtney’s be more with less. It is fascinating to see which toys my daughter selects and uses, when we ask her to choose only a few to take on a trip. There is the favourite doll, paper and crayons and two or three books and then, well, maybe a little car. Or a memory game. Or some stickers. And that’s it.

play outside with tapeAnd now comes the truly amazing part: we rarely hear her complain about being bored or having nothing to play with while on the road. In the hotel rooms, she builds a tent with a chair and a blanket, she uses a towel and one of her shirts to dress her doll and she is fascinated by the unfamiliar view out of the windows. When visiting relatives and friends she plays with whatever she finds and gets: pots and rice, paper, a scissor and tape, making paper planes from scrap of papers and letting them fly around for half an hour.

Of course, being at home doesn’t always involve the same excitement and distraction as when travelling, but the exceptional circumstances when on the road show us with how much (or few) we can be happy. Very happy!

In case you need further motivation, Sharon from rediscovered families wrote a great post about clearing out her kids toys.

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