Working, researching and preparing a holiday, grocery shopping and cooking, cleaning and washing – you don’t need to be a mum of 10 kids or preparing an around the world trip to see you days and weeks passing by without a minute of free time. Or at least it feels this way ;-).

A fellow good blogger, Beverly from PoMo Golightly (you may seen her guest post for a diy pattern for baby hats here) is offering a new e-course: You have time! The close examination of your time will encourage you to recognize “time killers” and enable you to reflect on your own unique schedule from a place of knowledge. Beverly is using a method she employs several times a year herself and has used with hundreds of her students.

So, if you ever thought “If I have more time then I would …” then give it a try! Oh, and see you there (it’s not as if I couldn’t use a little bit of help to manage all the to do’s and to want’s).