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In March, Liz from Liz lamoreux wrote a post about traveling with her daughter. Everybody has their own idea about using iPad and co, but one thing I definitely second is the use of a children backpack or trolly (once they are old enough of course). Usually I let our little girl chose which books to put in and after adding paper and crayons, a snack and drink as well as her favourite doll and blanket, she’s responsible for it. She takes this responsibility very serious and when we take a cab we always have to reassure her that her trolly was also put in the rear trunk. Just keep in mind to take the drink out for the security checks at the airport ;-).

From my experience, the blanket is one of the most important things in the trolly: it keeps her warm and cosy, she can play with it and it makes her feel more confident. And it smells better then the one’s in the airplane…

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