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I continue with my DIY sewing projects: this time I made PJ pants for my daughter out of an old, blue shirt – well, actually mainly the sleeves of the shirt. This tutorial (in German) was my guide line, although I have to add three points:

  • depending on the size of your shirt / width of the sleeves the pants will/will not fit a toddler with nappies. I used a 20year old shirt (yes, it’s really that old and still great quality!) and the sleeves are rather roomy;
  • while it suggests at step 3 to hem the two fabric stripes which will be at the waist, this isn’t really necessary and can also be done at step 6;
  • if you fix the elastic as suggested in step 8, you will not be able to change/shorten/widen it anymore.


Even those pants are not a present or not to be sold, I thought these tags are too cute. You can download them here. If you want to get more DIY inspiration have a look at creadienstag!