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I love Vienna! Admittedly I’m a tiny bit bias as I was born there (there is something you didn’t know yet ;-)). And even I don’t live there anymore, I enjoyed it to show my daughter this great city every time we visit friends and family.

I have my favourites cafés (old style and more modern), stores to shop (for myself or my little girl) and sights to visit. But let’s start with places to eat:

  • Oktogon am Himmel is a great place in the 19th district (as long it isn’t raining): there is a nice playground nearby, on the way to get there you have a nice view over Vienna and – not unimportant for a restaurant/café – the food is good too!
  • If the weather doesn’t permit an outdoor breakfast or afternoon tea (or Jause as it’s called in Austria), then I chose Dachboden at the 25hours Hotel. It’s a relaxed place, they have some toys and books and the view is great, if not second to none. It’s a rare combination of a trendy place which is so relaxed you’ll also enjoy it with kids.
  • Altes AKH in the 9th district is the former main hospital from Vienna (Allgemeines Krankenhaus) and is now part of Vienna’s University. Besides lectures halls it also offers several pubs/cafés/restaurants like Unibräu, Stiegl Ambulanz, Bierheuriger Gangl or Salettl (in the summer months). The food is usually inspired by traditional Austrian cuisine and can vary from place to place, but – and that’s the drawcard with kids – it’s close to the 1st district after sightseeing and there are nice outdoor seating areas, some of them next to a playground.

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