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Today’s post is about travelling with kids to … Barcelona, Spain. We spent a week there and I found it to be perfect for a vacation with kids: culture, tapas and beach! The only disappointment was the underground train system: escalators are almost non-existent, which makes traveling with a pram or stroller sweaty and exhausting. So we swapped to buses on the 2nd day.

My favourite sights in Barcelona were:

  • Sagrada Familia – with one “trick”: on the other street site from the exit from the cathedral is a little park, Placa de Gaudi, which has a little lake and playground. So while my better half queued up to buy the tickets for the cathedral, I went with our daughter in the park! We sat on a bench in the shadow, watched the ducks in the lake and had a little snack. When my husband texted me that he was close to the entry (after half an hour), we joined him and only had to wait three minutes at the security check. No cranky kid, no cranky parents ;-). Inside the cathedral my daughter was fascinated by the colours and we played a round of I spy.
  • Parc Güell – that’s an easy one with kids: lots of colours, painted animals and fascinating mosaics. Although it can get crowed it’s usually possible to find a bench for a rest when leaving the main stairs.
  • Fundacio Joan Miro – I have the impression modern art is more interesting for kids and it can be fun to discuss what a picture portrayes (before looking at the title!) – is it a red cloud or a dog or something completely else?  The Fundacio has the advantage of being situated in the Parc de Montjuic, so taking the funicular to reach the hill is already half the fun. And it has a little (I mean little ;-)) open air sculpture park, which is perfect for a rest – it is at the right side of the museum and for free!

To be continued…

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