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This is a guest post from Beverly from PoMoGolightly. We were discussing a gift for a newborn and here is her lovely idea:

For years I have wrestled with the comparative values of intention versus actions. In more stubborn moments, I insist that only actions matter. When my heart is softer, though, I acknowledge that intentions can also be important.

Imagine my surprise when I saw the two as one as I knit. From a young age, I helped my mother make blankets for loved ones. My grandmother taught me to crochet, and I later taught myself to quilt and to knit. For a long time, crafting equaled action alone.

When a friend was pregnant with twins, I wanted to make something that demonstrated the similarities and differences of the two boys. My intention was to imbue the hats I designed with wishes for healthy lives, for bright futures, for adventures, for peace, for excitement, for joy.

As I stitched, I held an image of the babies in my mind. I married what I wanted for the boys with what I crafted. I like to imagine my thoughts when I craft for others become part of the fabric I create. I believe the hats hold tiny special powers to surround their wearers with love.

Whether I stitch to celebrate a new life, to commemorate an important event, or to offer comfort to a friend or stranger who has lost a loved one, I aim to keep my focus on my intention for the item I create. Merging intention and action eases my philosophical conflict and results in hand made goodness to offer.

I’m thrilled to share my Two Babies, Two Skeins, Two Hats pattern with you. I hope you enjoy stitching with intention!

Beverly blogs about crafting and writing at PoMoGolightly. Follow her on Twitter.

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