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So, after we found something to eat in Hamburg, Germany, it’s time for the Schanzenviertel. This neighboorhood in Hamburg is a great place to spend a day, lots of cafés and restaurant, little shops and stores to discover. My first stop is usually Die Druckerei and/or Buchhandlung im Schanzenviertel (they are next to each other). The first one has despite its name (German for print shop) a variety of toys, games and also some craft supply. The second one focuses on children books, including a variety about pedagogy and a small selection of foreign language books. Just next to the entrance are also small-sized books, perfect for the next car, train or plane trip (or afternoon tea the same day ;-)).

Talking about afternoon tea, if you want to get something to eat, Die Bullerei is a great place – they have mini versions of Mini cars for the kids to drive around, the food is delicious and the atmosphere casual and relaxing (reservation is usually needed for dinner). Die Wohngeschwister, a shop for furniture, homeware and deco, also has a little café. Even the menu is rather compact, they have a nice terrace, which is perfect for a break and hot chocolate. They have a “sister store” named Wohngeschwisterchen, which offers kids clothes, toys and shoes for children.

And this leads me to Kati Mundii, which is a bit off the Schanzenviertel (Weidenallee 17) but is also a nice stop for children clothes and shoes. Going back to Schanzenviertel and if you have a “bit” of luggage space left, have a look at Lokal Design, a nice store for local design.

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