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If you’ve followed by blog, you may notice that I love to travel 😉 – by myself, with my significant other, as a family,… So here are two general tips to make traveling with a kid a bit easier:

As soon as our daughter started to move around we gave her ID wristbands when traveling. She loves to run around and explore and it’s almost impossible to always keep an eye on her (and the luggage and talking with the guy at the check-in and taking care that nothing falls down and having a used tissue in the hand, which my daughter just handed me). She’s not the biggest fan of the plastic ones (too itchy) and some of them can only be used once, so when I found these fabric ones from Findelkind, everybody was happy. She choose a design she liked, I wrote our telephone number in it and that’s it. Of course, I still need to keep an eye on her ;-).

The other main problem is usually to keep our little one entertained. From our experience books which are “multi-purpose” are perfect for that. With Wimmelbücher we can play I spy (people, animals, colours, textures, buildings,..) , invent stories based on the pictures, start conversations (what would you do in this situation?) and have a “simple” look at them. As they don’t have much text, it also doesn’t matter which language you speak. You can choose one depending on the season (summer, eastern, christmas,…), interest (e.g. cars, pirates, …) or topic. My favorite is a pack of four small sized books.

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