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During our weekend trip to Antwerp we also visited three museums. When planning a visit, I keep in mind that it also should be interesting for my little girl and I also check if the museums have either a café or restaurant or if there are any nice places for a snack nearby in case somebody gets hungry.

One of my favorite types of museums is open air sculpture parks. Kids can run around, usually the level of noise they made doesn’t bother anybody, I can have a look at classic and contemporary art and sometimes it’s even aloud to have a pick nick. One of my favorites museums of that kind is Louisiana near Copenhagen, Denmark, but, as I found out, Antwerp also a very nice one, which has the added bonus of being free of charge!

postcard from Antwerp - Daniela_2Middelheim Museum is a great place for a relaxed afternoon or morning, enjoying the sculptures (including ones from Auguste Rodin, Henry Moore and Erwin Wurm to name a few), walking (or running) in the park and, if weather permits, having a pick nick. In early March it wasn’t yet warm enough for that, so we visited Mika, the museum’s café, a relaxed place to warm-up with a cup of tea and a snack.

The same day we went to Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS), mainly to enjoy the view from the roof top ;-). They way up there was already fun, as we played I spy on the elevators which are all surrounded by large scale pictures. The museum offers events and tours for children, however they are mainly in Dutch.

Strictly speaking Het Steen isn’t a museum, but being the oldest building in Antwerp it provides a glance into history. My daughter enjoyed running around (it’s rather small) and locking at the river Scheldt.

To be continued…

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