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From time to time I need to do something “crafty”, usually around spring to get new cushion covers or in late autumn to make something for Christmas. As you can guess last week it was time for a new cushion cover, it’s soon spring after all!

Es war einmal ein HemdA little bit of warning though: I’m not an expert in anything “crafty” – I used my sewing machine approximately 10 times since I bought it three years ago and I know from experience knitting is not for me. Hence all the things I do are on the basic level. For me, it’s more about the creativity and fun, then the end product.

Lately I’ve seen several nice recycling ideas for shirts, and I’ve tried one I found in the book Es war einmal ein Hemd (haven’t found the English title yet): using the front and back of a shirt, including the button border, to make a cushion cover! After my last experience with sewing button holes, it seemed like a very good idea to use existing ones ;-). And it was.

All you need to do is find a shirt you like (thanks god my husband just “donated” three), measure the pillow, add the measurement (including size allowance) to the shirt (depending on the size, you can have the button border in the middle of the cushion or a bit to the side), cut accordingly and sew the top and bottom on the wrong side. Turn it right side out, put the cushion through the button border in and you’re done!

Hemd_TeddiesNext on my list are a summer dress for my daughter and PJ pants (tutorial is in German) – all made with old shirts! … although the dress for a doll or teddy made from a shirt sleeve also looks good …