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I’m taking a little break from Sydney and change continent: this week’s post is about travelling and living with kids in … Hannover. You can find the usual lists of things to do and see in every travel guide, I’ve tried to include the more hidden gems, with a focus on activities for children in museums.

But let’s start with playgrounds: you can find an overview of playgrounds in Hannover here, a slightly different and updated one is Spielplätze in der Gartenregion Hannover. Two very popular playgrounds are in the Eilenriede: one is just next to the WaKiTu (WaldKinderTummelplatz) which is situated in the Eilenriede, close to Lister Platz. WaKiTu itself offers different activities for kids, and for kids 9 years and up (and their parents too) there is also the Seilgarten. The other playground, Sonnenspielplatz, is situated between the WaKiTu and the Musikhochschule, approx 10 minutes walk from the WaKiTu, also in the Eilenriede. This one visited more by parents with younger toddlers.

The Zoo – not a hidden gem – is very popular and famous. If you’ll stay a bit longer in Hannover and plan to visit it several times, it’s well worth to look at an annual pass.

Sprengel Museum, situated near the Maschsee focusing on contemporary art, has a Kinderforum where kids can paint, draw and much more every weekend, however there is no supervision. For children between 6 and 9 years old there are “KunstSpielAktionen” every Saturday, 10.30am to 1pm. Every Sunday morning there is also a family program with different crafts.

If you stay longer in Hannover, Museum August Kestner offers a Kinderakademie for kids between 6 and 13 years old, which includes a membership for 6 months and costs EUR15. It offers workshops and tours, as well as lectures. Besides the Kinderakademie there are also kids tours on selected Thursday afternoons.

The Kestner Gesellschaft, with changing exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, offers several activities for children and families:

  • kestnerkids sehen kunst – one Thursday afternoon per month, an one-hour guided tour for children 4 to 12 years old;
  • kestnerkids machen kunst – a craft workshop on one Saturday afternoon per month, also for children 4 to 12 years old, registration is necessary;
  • kestnerkids goes international – this art workshop in English takes place on selected Tuesdays from 4–5.30pm and is intended for children from 5 to 12 years. Each course is limited to 15 children, so registration is necessary;
  • As well as family tours on selected Sunday afternoons.

Kunstverein Hannover, with a focus on contemporary art, offers Kunsttauchkurse every second Saturday for children 5 years and older, registration necessary. Every Sunday, Historisches Museum Hannover offers family workshops (registration necessary), as well a guided tours and workshops during school holidays.

Hannover has two designated libraries for children: Südstadtbibliothek offers, besides the possibility to rent out books, storybook readings for kids 4 years and older every Monday and Thursday at 3.30pm. Jugendbibliothek List has a similar offer every Tuesday at 3.30pm, as well as for babies 0 to 3 years every second Wednesday in a month at 10am.

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