As you may noticed, I’m new to blogging. I’ve written journals as a teenager, I’ve kept a therapy journal in my twenties, but they were not mend to share. Prompted by changes in my work and life (and by a lot of thoughts which need an outlet) I had the idea to start a blog to support my online shop and to include all kinds of tips -travel, toys, cooking, everything that is part of a parent’s life. In order to get some structure, ideas and input, I decided to take part in Courtney’s goodblog project. So, the 1st week is almost over and here’s the thing: I’m still not sure about the structure of my blog or how I can put everything together, but wooo! what amazing people are out there (there being mainly the US ;-)). And so many ideas and thoughts and … . Maybe this will lead to something completly different, maybe it will take a while to find my path, but you’re more then welcome to come along for the ride.